How to forestall and Treat Dengue: vi Home Remedies


What is infectious disease and the way is it completely different from regular contagious disease
Regular contagious disease is also as a result of a straightforward infective agent or microorganism infection
, amongst different doable causes. infectious disease may be a a lot of dangerous kind and wishes a active approach. the planet Health Organisation says, “Dengue may be a virus infection transmitted by the bite of associate degree infected feminine arthropod genus dipteran. There ar four distinct serotypes of the infectious disease virus (DEN one, DEN 2, DEN three and DEN 4). The symptoms of the unhealthiness solely seem 3–14 days once the sting and not instantly. infectious disease may be a flu-like unhealthiness that affects infants, young youngsters and adults alike.” A a lot of severe manifestation of this unhealthiness, infectious disease viral haemorrhagic fever, tends to have an effect on youngsters beneath ten years
more matured which may cause abdominal pain, injury and have an effect on the cardiovascular system.
A call in protoplasm count may be a characteristic symptom of infectious disease. the foremost common symptoms embrace fever, headache, muscle and joint pains and roseola. Sometimes, these symptoms is also confused with contagious disease. If you expertise the subsequent over many days, consult a doctor –

1. Sudden, high fever
2. Severe headaches
3. Pain behind the eyes
4. Severe joint and muscle pain
5. Fatigue and exhaustion
6. Nausea and regurgitation
7. Skin rash
8. Low vital sign

Diagnosis and treatment

Doctors will diagnose infectious disease infection with a biopsy. There aren’t any explicit medicines or antibiotics to cure identical since it’s caused by an epidemic however you’re suggested to rest and drink lots of fluids. there’s presently no immunizing agent for infectious disease.

Delhi and plenty of elements of India ar already news cases of infectious disease. during this scenario, many folks ar turning to some natural remedies

to control this terrible sickness. we tend to bring you a number of the foremost effective home remedies as shared by health consultants and doctors.
1) Giloy: Giloy may be a important herb in Ayurveda. It helps in maintaining the rate, strengthening the system and protects your body against infections, explains Dr. Gargi Sharma from national capital. She recommends that you just boil the stems and serve it as a seasoner drink. you’ll be able to additionally add few Tulsi leaves within the drink.

2) Papaya Leaves:
“It helps in increasing the protoplasm count and reduces the symptoms of fever like body ache, chills, feeling low, obtaining tired simply and nausea,” says Dr. Gargi. you’ll be able to crush the leaves and consume or drink the juice that helps in flushing out the toxins.

3) Fenugreek Leaves:
These leaves ar celebrated to cut back fever and act as a sedative to ease pain and promote a lot of reposeful sleep for patients. {you will|you’ll|you’ll be able to} soak the leaves in water so drink it otherwise you can get methi  powder and blend it with water and have it.

4) Goldenseal:
Goldenseal may be a herb whose dried root is employed to create drugs. it’s the power to clear up the symptoms of infectious disease terribly quickly and eliminate the virus from the body. It works like papaya leaves
. you employ it within the same means like papaya leaves either by crushing and change of state or by juicing it.

5) Turmeric: it’s additionally celebrated to spice up metabolism and helps in creating the healing method quicker. you’ll be able to consume turmeric together with milk.

6) Tulsi Leaves and Black Pepper:
Dr. Simran Saini from national capital suggests to consume a drink created by boiling Tulsi leaves and adding regarding a pair of grams of black pepper
to it. This drink helps in building your immunity associate degreed acts as an bactericide component.

How to forestall infectious disease

Dengue does not unfold from person to person. you’ll be able to forestall the danger of the sickness by keeping your surroundings clean and carrying protecting article of clothing. The infectious disease dipteran generally attacks throughout the day and a few consultants say the favorite spots ar below the elbow and below the knee. they’re usually active between the fundamental measure of August-October and don’t breed once the temperature falls. cut back the dipteran environs by removing standing water around your house. you’ll address natural repellents like Lemon essential oil, Lavender, margosa Oil and Cinnamon Oil to guard yourself against dipteran bites. There ar variety of plants that have dipteran repellent properties like Tanacetum parthenium, citronella, herb and lavender. Place them around your house to stay mosquitoes away. Even herbs like  garlic, lemongrass, basil, peppermint, rosemary could facilitate.